Wiring Instructions Policy




As a result of the increase in wire fraud involved with real estate transactions, it is out policy:

If funds to close is under $500.00, we can accept a Certified Bank Check.  If funds to close is over $500.00, the funds MUST be wired to our office pursuant to the following:

The Borrower must physically come to our office to obtain a copy of our wiring instructions.

Wiring instructions cannot be picked up the realtor or any third party.

The Borrower will need to show a photo I.D. prior to receiving a copy of our wiring instructions.

Alternatively, we can send a copy of our wiring instructions by overnight delivery to the Borrower at the Borrower’s current physical address, upon request by the Borrower.  Borrower will be responsible for paying overnight delivery fees.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, will be email or fax wiring instructions to the Borrower or realtor, even by encrypted email, again, as a result of ever increasing wire fraud.

BORROWERS NOTE:  In the event you receive an email, which appears to have come from our office, changing our wiring instructions, THE EMAIL DID NOT COME FROM OUR OFFICE!  Please notify our office immediately of any such email.

Please note also that we have implemented this policy for the sole purpose of protecting the Borrower, who is our client.