Thank you for visiting Clark, Griffin & McCollum, L.L.P.

We have been representing the citizens of Union County and surrounding areas for over fifty years.  

We are a small law office and as such, offer legal assistance on a much more personal level than you will receive at some of the larger law firms.  We pride ourselves on building meaningful, long-term professional relationships with our clients. 

Upon our mutual agreement to represent you, this law office becomes your agent and will work on your behalf.  We will represent you to the best of our ability within the bounds of the law.  

It is the policy of this law office to keep clients informed and to make available to every client copies of letters, documents, pleadings, briefs, or materials that are received or sent out regarding the client’s file.  We will strive to keep you advised at all times regarding your legal matter.

Our law office recognizes the importance of keeping a client’s legal matter completely confidential.  The attorney-client privilege assures our clients that, except in rare situations by court order, any confidence or secret will not be revealed to anyone.  The Code of Professional Responsibility of the North Carolina State Bar, which binds all attorneys in this State, prevents the attorneys and employees of this firm from violating the confidentiality of the attorney-client privilege.

“This office participates in the North Carolina State Bar’s interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts Program.  Under this program funds received on behalf of a client which are nominal in amount or are expected to be held for a short period of time will be deposited with other similar funds in a general interest-bearing trust account.  The interest generated on all funds so deposited will be remitted to the North Carolina State Bar for the public’s benefit.”

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“Ask not what your country can do for you;
Ask what you can do for your country”

                                                                                                               John Fitzgerald Kennedy